“Marc Isaacs and his team are fantastic. I have done six real estate transactions since July 2020 and Isaacs & Associates has handled them all. Each deal went smoothly — kudus to Marc and his team. Marc has the experience and savvy of anticipating deal hurdles and solving for them before they become deal-breakers. In addition to being a great lawyer, everyone enjoys working with Marc — from his clients, to the agents and other attorneys involved. I cannot recommend more highly.”

A. Kurzer

Outstanding. I have used Marc for all my property purchases, sales, LLC set up and rental transactions in NYC for well over a decade. Quick turnaround, hardworking, responsive, keeping everyone accountable, a trusted advisor, and will go the extra mile in getting things closed. Most importantly, Marc and his team will always ensure risks, big or small, are identified & explained clearly, and ensuring I am always protected. Marc is simply an intelligent experienced professional and a pleasure to work with.

P. Kiriacoulacos

I have known Marc Isaacs for over 30 years. He represented my Company on numerous legal issues, and was always super competent, thorough and most importantly, honest and fair. Marc also cares deeply about his clients. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone that needs experienced, competent and honest legal advice.

E. Rodriguez

I was referred to Marc by my real estate agent who has been active in the real estate market for more than 25 years. I was in the process of purchasing a co-op apartment on the Upper East Side from an estate and the purchase had a number of complex legal issues.

This was my first purchase of an apartment in New York and the transaction was complex as the heirs to the estate, the co-op board and the estate’s attorney all had different agendas and points of view. Marc was critical in the successful purchase and without him the purchase would have fallen through. He was the key negotiator on my behalf and acted with highest ethical standards and came to be seen as an “honest” broker by all parties when relationships had broken down. Marc is a creative legal problem solver and has an outstanding network within the New York real estate market which proved very useful when it came time to negotiate with the co-op board and ultimately close the transaction. Marc and his team were also very thorough with co-op shareholder and building due diligence and potential issues related to proposed renovations.   

I recommend Marc very highly as he is extremely experienced, pleasant to work with, available on short notice and tenacious on behalf of his clients.  

N. Aguiar